Yiwu Zhongkang Exhibition Headlines: There are not many booths left, and the price concessions are coming to an end.


China International E-Commerce Expo and Digital Trade Expo is jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Information Technology, China International Electronic Commerce Center, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, and Yiwu Municipal People's Government.
The exhibition will showcase the latest e-commerce research and development and application results, the latest technologies and products at home and abroad, as well as e-commerce industry chain industry such as e-commerce platform, financial payment, logistics express, technical support, data service, and boutique online goods. The indicators of the exhibition level, the effectiveness of the exhibition and other indicators are second to none in the domestic industry exhibitions. The E-Commerce Expo was rated as “China Top Ten Brand Professional Exhibition” and “China's Most Promising Exhibition”, which is the image display of domestic e-commerce enterprises. , the preferred platform for new product introduction, trade negotiation and information dissemination.



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